AngularJS vs Backbone.js vs. Ember.js

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AngularJS vs Backbone.js vs. Ember.js

Furthermore, the community around Angular is extremely big, so if you ask anything on Stack Overflow, you’ll get an answer in no time compared to other frameworks. However, how difficult you find Angular will also depend on what Xcellence-IT Junior ASP NET MVC Developer SmartRecruiters background you’re coming from. If you come from a Java enterprise or a .NET enterprise where you use Inversion of Control containers every day and now what dependency injections are, you’ll have less of a problem with AngularJS.

  • That’s why many recommend to dive deeper into the source code.
  • It also has more highly starred projects on GitHub and more questions on StackOverflow compared to Backbone.js and Ember.js combined.
  • And, conversely, when the View changes, data in the Model gets updated as well.
  • JQuery is the basis for how both these libraries interact with the DOM, and so DOM based injections are affected by the security of jQuery code.

You can see from the example above that the homeRoute is set to default ”, in which the browser would go to the HomeView and load the HTML. Basically, the route maps to a function or some JavaScript code that loads a new view end, so it’s just like a server-side framework’s MVC router, only it’s happening on the client. Basically, I’m sure a lot of relatively new JavaScript developers run across a lot of broad statements where people point out what framework is good, what is better, and what is lacking. However, without some context within which to digest those statements, they end up being an opinion about things.


Tons of tutorials on YouTube, forum threads, and replies on StackOverflow save your time when finding a solution to your programming challenge. AngularJS is often called a Model-View-Whatever framework in which you can use whatever architecture pattern you prefer–either Model-View-Controller or Model-View-ViewModel . These patterns, along with Model-View-Presenter , are used to handle an application’s logic in a structured way. Model-View-Whatever architecture also solves the problem of developing Single-Page Applications by extending the functionality of HTML with directives.

Angular handles its own templates and has no dependencies. What other factors do you think one should keep in mind while choosing a JavaScript framework? Before you choose a framework ensure it has an active community around it, has good tutorials and is well-documented. After all, these will be your fallback options if you get stuck. Ember JS hasn’t got a lead over Backbone.js in any country.

You can also always find great solutions in documentation. But for now, Backbone.js is considered an aging framework with many newer options available. Due to its size, when it comes to larger and more complex apps, AngularJS can act sluggish which results in degraded website performance. She enjoys writing to learn about cybersecurity, leadership, and technology in sales & marketing processes.

Fortunately, since Vue.js doesn’t require any additional libraries, this issue doesn’t negate its advantages. Vue.js can also take pride in very thorough and well-written documentation. All you need to start is to know plain JavaScript and HTML, and you’ll be able to write your first application halfway through the guide. In AngularJS, the Model and the View are synchronized, which means that when data in the Model changes, the View automatically reflects this change. And, conversely, when the View changes, data in the Model gets updated as well. To implement this without data binding, you would need to spend time writing code that constantly syncs the View and the Model.

Born in 2010, it quickly grew popular as a lean alternative to heavy, full-featured MVC frameworks such as ExtJS. This resulted in many services adopting it, including Pinterest, Flixster, AirBNB and others. There’s no single right or wrong answer to this question, of course. Javascript is infamous for its proliferation of frameworks, but that means you have more choices. The best framework for you is the one that helps you and your team to be most productive, and fits your application’s unique needs.

Mere 35.9 kb in size is far lower than ember and backbone JS. One can create his/her template with the use of AngularJS. Therefore, there is a lot of outdated content and examples that no longer work, making it confusing for developers who are making their first steps in the framework. Take a look at the Ember Data Changelog, and you will see what I mean. There are so many breaking changes, and those cause many StackOverflow answers and coding tutorials to become irrelevant .

It also provides support for setting up fixtures for developing against mock API and testing. It rather provides some basic tools you can use to create structure, leaving it up to the developer to decide how to structure his application, and there are also many blanks to fill. Things such as memory management have to be carefully considered. The lack of view lifecycle management makes route/state changes prone to memory leaks unless you take care of cleaning up everything yourself. Being so small and basic, Backbone can be a good foundation to build your own framework upon. Some examples of 3rd party frameworks based on Backbone are Aura, Backbone UI, Chaplin, Geppetto, Marionette, LayoutManager, Thorax, Vertebrae.

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Opinionated features often make it easy for development teams to get on the same page when sharing code. Vue is an excellent option if you’re interested in migrating an existing codebase from homegrown code to an application framework. Just like any framework with MVC architecture, Backbone.js reduces the load on a server so that the website depends on it only for getting JSON data and not for the logic of how to display it.

There are more mature plugings for data persistence for backbone, but there is a great community buzz around Ember and lots of contrib libraries are making great progress. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how quick I have had quality responses for a relatively new framework here on Stack Overflow. I’d say if you are looking to learn this style of application development then on the one hand, the wealth of open source backbone examples around could be good for you.

ember vs backbone

Your application needs to behave the same in all different browsers. JQuery is a set of JavaScript functionalities that will ease the job of any developer. Here in this article, we’ll take a closer look at the three more advanced and popular frameworks like Angular.JS, Backbone.Js, and Ember.Js.

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Angular is an independent framework which means it doesn’t depend on any other JavaScript library – not even JQuery. There are more than 100 JavaScript frameworks available out there and the quantity of results on Google can be overwhelming. When developing a modern, sharp-looking website, including JavaScript at some point is essential.

ember vs backbone

If you schedule 2 hours, he would throw in the next tier package (valued at $249, which includes the ng-book). You’ll get the team package (valued $999) free of charge if you schedule a 4 hour session with him. In which when you go to a particular path, you’d run the route controller and then load the template, which is similar to what Backbone does. It’s a way to dynamically load the page and virtually switch it.

Backbone is an attempt to lay down a minimal set of data-structuring and user interface primitives that are generally useful when building web applications with JavaScript. Backbone lacks support for two-way data binding, meaning you will have to write a lot of boilerplate to update the view whenever your model changes, and to update your model whenever the view changes. See the example given above, showing how two-way in Angular.js data binding reduces boilerplate. – Frameworks provide the basic code you need to start your application, so you can focus on your business logic. – The framework you choose for your Javascript application has already been tried and tested by a large community, which often makes it more reliable than code one person writes from scratch. – A mainstream framework makes it easier to add new developers to your team, since many candidates are already familiar with it.

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With component-based architecture, every component keeps its state in isolation from other components. NgRx is a tool to store component states in a single store that’s accessible to different parts of the application, suggesting a single source of truth. Anyway, the new Angular is now the main frontend technology actively supported by Google. We’ve discussed all pros and cons of Angular 2+ in our separate pros and cons article.

It simplifies the process of organizing UI dependencies and saves time that you would usually spend on manual tracking. Why developer experience is the key to better software, straight from the… Thanks to the “wise” mods who closed the highest-voted ever Meteor question as “non-constructive”, we are now left with an antiquated answer. Since I can’t add my own answer here, check out Why Meteor, which compares Meteor with several other frameworks and libraries.

The Ember Inspector allows for easy inspection of Ember objects in your browser’s developer tools. This can be used both while developing and while debugging issues. Meteor integrates with any database backend that Node.js supports.

Backbone, on the other hand, leaves it up to you to use the template engine of your choice. The best way to get a feeling of the different templating engines is a code sample, so let’s dive in. We will show an example of formatting a list of items as HTML.

We enable individuals and teams to grow their skills, accelerate their careers and create the future. Backbone.js is leading in most countries, including United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and 161 other countries. From the developer’s point of view, AngularJS has the easiest syntax to code. Community is a factor to be considered when choosing a JavaScript Framework. Angular has got the largest community following which are Backbone & Ember JS. Done a heck of a lot of programming and software design since I wrote my first on a Sinclair ZX spectrum in 1987.

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